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CAADAC Case Study

CAADAC people were tired of the manual process moving documents which was subject to bottlenecks and processing errors.

MarpaSoft designed a software to make CAADAC business agile. It reflects the industry's common practices and enabled MarpaSoft to offer thoughtful execution within 3 months with guaranteed results and a remarkably high ROI.
CAADAC aslo is very happy with ability to create real time reports in a fraction of a second.

In reality, many inefficient processes can be streamlined quickly and effectively. This is particularly true for paper-based processes that involve a lot of human intervention. A common example is expenses reporting, which is still frequently carried out on paper forms that must be passed from person to person for approvaland processing.

The key to making a quick transition from inefficient, paper-based process to efficient, automated process is selecting the right workflow automation product, like we offer.

MarpaSoft created a software that is flexible - it creates the documents and processes that CAADAC needs, rather than one that requires you to change your ways to fit with what generic software vendor provides.

CAADAC software is easy to use and does not require any technical skills to operate. It can get our clients up and running quickly without extensive user training.

We also integrate your database at the form level and use simple email approvals to avoid unnecessary delays. 



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